Food is Your Fuel

Truth: we are not nutritionists. That said, after a bit of trial and error and working with patients and various health professionals, we have picked up on these and common do’s and dont’s. Lindsey Hagen, PT and healthy running nut discusses the importance of balance in your diet and making sure you do what is […]

Teryn Kaldheim, PT, DPT Joins Rebound Physical Therapy

Teryn has joined our crew! Who is Teryn you may ask, Teryn Kaldheim, PT, DPT is a one heck of a physical therapist with an impressive background in workman’s comp and general outpatient orthopedic treatment, just to name a few, and, yes, there is more, she will be working full time at our Prineville clinic! […]

Blood Flow Restriction and Its Function in Physical Therapy

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is not a new idea but has just recently taken off as the hot new concept in the rehab and training world. As with anything that touts itself to be the “latest and greatest” we have to ask ourselves if it really does all it says it does. Fortunately for […]

Slowdown to Speedup

Local endurance runner, physical therapist, and mom, Lindsey Hagen, discusses the best way to train and recovery for your fall race scheduled. When it comes to easing up on miles before and after races, it is a must. This time of year is pretty ideal for many runners here in Central Oregon, we want to […]

Do You Know Your ATC?

Here in Central Oregon we are extremely lucky to have skilled athletic trainers (ATCs) as part of each high school athletic program. As fall sports kick into gear and the rest of the seasons to follow, we thought it would be worth shining a light on the role ATCs play on a daily basis for […]

Climb On!

AMERICAN TEAM MAKES FIRST ASCENT OF LINK SAR IN KARAKORAM August 15th, 2019 Prepared by Graham Zimmerman From July 31st to August 8th, 2019 Graham Zimmerman, Steve Swenson, Chris Wright and Mark Richey made the first ascent of Link Sar (7041m) in the Central Pakistani Karakoram via its 3400m Southeast Face. Having been the object […]

Kristi Edgar, PT, DPT

Kristi Edgar, PT, DPT has joined us! She will be working with patients at both our La Pine and Sunriver clinics and this NY native has, like so many of us, quickly fallen in love with Central Oregon! Please help us extend a very warm welcome to this chemist turned physical therapist and read below […]

Get Your Housework(out) Done!

Central Oregon is home to many active people, you can find these not-just-weekend warriors out on the trails, running through the Old Mill, biking to work and just about everywhere you turn. Let’s get honest for a second though and realize not all moments are adventure packed (at least for your average community member). Here […]

Get to Know Squat

Join us next Wednesday at the Barre3 Bend studio for a discussion and interactive class on squat(s)! This is one exercise we all know can greatly improve all aspects of physical activity… if done correctly. That is where our Women’s Health specialists and all around expert physical therapists, Erin Novelli, PT and Aurora Fry, PT […]

Welcome Lindsay Lund, PT, DPT, CMPT!

Please join us in extending a giant and warm welcome to Lindsay Lund, PT! She will be joining the crew at our West clinic and we know this is going to be good! Lindsay is a collegiate soccer player turned physical therapist and has most recently been practicing in Eugene, Oregon; but, like most of […]

Eat Well, Be Well.

How do you stay on target with eating healthy and being active? Between work schedules, kids schedules, appointments and change of plans, finding time to exercise and eat right can sometimes feel impossible. The “me time” in the schedule is usually the first thing to go in effort to help everyone else stay on target. […]

Get Active to Stay Active

Summer is a time to have fun and spend time outdoors. It is an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. It’s a time when you can go out for a walk and roll down the windows and take in everything that nature has to offer, allergies and all. The warmer weather encourages you to be active […]

Welcome Doniel Hagee, PT, DPT, OCS

Doniel has joined the staff at our Redmond clinic on 4th street. She comes to us from beautiful Bellingham and we were thrilled to welcome her and her family to Central Oregon. To learn more about this talented physical therapist, mom, endurance runner, gardener and more, read on! Rebound Physical Therapy: Favorite book to read […]

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy offers an alternative environment for therapeutic exercise. If you have tried traditional physical therapy, or have restrictions on your physical therapy program, aquatic therapy may be the perfect solution for your physical therapy needs. Why Aquatic Therapy is Beneficial Less pressure: The buoyancy of the water decreases the amount of pressure, or compressive forces, […]

Interview with Olympic Paratriathlete Jamie Brown

Paralympic triathlete Jamie Brown is many things, but unaccomplished is not one of them. “I have worked too hard to be in the gray area,” said Brown. Athletes of all ability levels come through Rebound Physical Therapy’s doors; once in a while, we are lucky enough to share their story. Jamie’s passion for all things […]

Pediatric Acupuncture

Over the last few years, acupuncture has become a much more common treatment for a wide range diagnoses. From orthopedic related injuries to digestive conditions, this traditionally alternative form of care has become more mainstream. Rebound Physical Therapy has three licensed acupuncturists on staff to meet patient’s needs, often working in collaboration with physical therapy. […]

What Triggers Trigger Finger?

Trigger Finger seems to be a diagnosis many people are familiar with but not actually sure what the diagnosis entails and what can be done to prevent or treat it. This condition, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, occurs when inflammation narrows the space in the sheath that surrounds the tendon in the finger. This means […]

Welcome, Martha Barker, PT, DPT!

We are thrilled to welcome Martha to team Rebound! This is one amazing physical therapist and all around human! We got to know her a bit more with this off grid interview, highlighting the important things like hidden talents and favorite pet. Join us in a warm welcome to Martha and her dog (AKA favorite […]

Benefits of Cross Training

5 Reasons Cross Training is Important for Athletes All athletes have physical specialties, and as a result, they tend to focus on and train the major muscle groups that are used primarily in their specific sport. What more and more research shows are the increased benefits to those that cross train. 1. Decreased Risk of […]

Don’t Let Injury Keep You Down

In the U.S., ACL and other knee injuries are one of the most common orthopedic and sports-related injuries. For athletes, physically-active folks, and health-conscious individuals, suffering a knee injury can be particularly difficult as they find themselves suddenly immobilized, with minds craving for exercise. Fortunately, as with any injury, there is always something that can […]

Fit to Function:

Join Nick Hagen, PTs he walks you through strength and mobility movements to tackle 2019 pain free and stronger than ever! When: Thursday, January 24th Time: 6:30 pm Where: OutsideIn, Downtown Bend  

This Winter, Prevent Falls

One in every three adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States – WWW.CDC.GOV The numbers are staggering. Apparently not only does the eyesight go, but balance along with it. The two could be seen as going hand in hand since the worse your vision gets, the more likely you are to […]

You Had Surgery… Now What?

Physical therapy is a critical component of recovering from most orthopedic surgeries. No matter when or why your surgery is scheduled, is it often accompanied by nerve-wracking “what-ifs” and questions about recovery. Physical therapy plays a large role in putting nerves at ease, answering questions and creating a healthy healing process. There are three main […]

Back Pain Does Not Mean Bed Rest

In the old days, when you hurt your back, your doctor told you to go on bed rest for back pain until it felt better. However a lot has been discovered since then and gone are the days of prolonged bed rest.  Most often, engaging in proper movements and postures are well as a gradual […]

Be in the Know Before the Snow

Whether for competition or recreation, Nordic skiing is a common culprit for injuries occurring from overuse. In most cases, these injuries can be prevented by establishing a solid foundation. Power, balance, mobility and technique are the necessary building blocks for preventing injuries and maximizing performance. The class will be led by Physical Therapist Tim Gross, […]

Kicking Injury Aside & Back on the Field

When the kind words below popped up in a Google review, we could not help but want to share. Not just because of how she sings the praises of our skilled PT’s but because of Kaylee’s unusual story and joy of knowing we were able to help this young athlete get back to the sports […]

Welcome Melinda Shearer, PT, OCS, SCS

Melinda Shearer, PT, OCS, SCS has joined our team and we could not be more excited to have her on board! Melinda will be working with a wide range patient population and using her strong interpersonal communication skills to assist patients in their return to health. Melinda comes to Central Oregon from Portland, OR where […]

Welcome Kailey Hanks, PT

Please share in a warm welcome to Kailey Hanks, PT! Kailey will be joining our Redmond 4th street crew and is very much looking forward to being part of the Redmond community and getting to know the patients that walk (or hop on crutches) through our clinic doors! We had a moment to get the […]

Back (pack) to the Basics

As September nears, parents and students prepare for the happiest/saddest time of the year: the new school year.  While parents and students worry about clothes, school supplies, and grades, physical therapists, worry about the onset or exacerbation of spine pain and injuries related to sports.  Our expertise is in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal […]

Welcome Jessica!

Rebound Physical Therapy is thrilled to welcome Licensed Acupuncturist, Jessica Belknap, LAc to our eastside clinic! A part of the health care field for almost 20 years, Jessica has extensive experience as both an acupuncturist and massage therapist in a variety of clinical settings. She joins Rebound after spending the past year working with orthopedic […]

Where are They Now? The Kayla Meredith Story…

By golly, we did it again. Rebound’s “Where are They Now” segment returns in full force. In this edition we had the pleasure of catching up with our old friend from the East clinic, Kayla Meredith. After spending years in different sectors of the healthcare field, Kayla has found her calling in the world of […]

Acupuncture & Physical Therapy, a Perfect Pair

At Rebound we look at each patient and their diagnosis individually and work to create the best plan of care for their recovery. There is no difference when it comes to our work injury patients as we take pride in expediting their full recovery and healthy return to work. Central Oregon’s workers compensation program recognizes […]

Jeff Guerra, PT Joins Rebound Physical Therapy Bend

Jeff Guerra has traveled and lived all over the globe. Whether it was through the world of PT or other pursuits, Jeff has always found a way to explore new places that appeal to him. Based on his interests it’s no surprise that Jeff eventually ended up in Bend. From the snowcapped mountains, to the […]

Where Are They Now? The Jeff Bulkley Story

Over the years, Rebound has been lucky enough to employ some pretty special people; often, this time at Rebound is only the beginning of their journey. Jeff Bulkley is one such person. Once upon a time, Jeff was an aide at Rebound’s Westside clinic. Always having a passion for helping others, Jeff made the decision […]

Take a Swing at Golf Injury Prevention

Don’t bogey this opportunity! Join us Thursday, June 28th at Meadow Lake Golf Course and learn the do’s and don’ts of getting though the golf season injury free!

Kreuzing into Cushing

Kicking it with Caroline Kreuz At Rebound Physical Therapy we take pride in having a plethora of unique individuals on our team. Each person at Rebound seems to have a story to tell, so naturally when we bring new people on we like to spend some time getting to know them. Our chat with the […]

Jenn Randall Heads (to) West

The brain trust for the Rebound Bloggers Association (*not a real thing) had the honor of partaking in a fireside chat (*never happened) with one of Rebound’s newest therapists to find out how she became both the person and professional she is today. During our interview it became clear that Jenn was destined treat patients […]

Restoring Balance, Finding Health

I’m a patient of Kimberlee, who has been treating me for BPV, and I’ve been VERY pleased with her PT and encouragement.  I also saw Stuart one time when Kimberlee was out of town, and he too provided excellent support and help! I just want you to know what an AMAZING job both of them […]

REP Lab Morning Class Returns!

The next round of MORNING Performance+Biomechanics Classes (PBC) starts next Tuesday, March 20th, 6-7a.  All classes take place at Rebound’s Westside location at 1160 SW Simpson, Suite 200 (upstairs). NEW Morning Class!!! 6-7a twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings Mar/Apr session: Mar 20, 22, 27, 29, Apr 3, 5, 10, 12 $96 – priced for 8 classes (if you’ll be gone spring break, we can prorate the […]

Acing Recovery

It was great seeing you at the tennis tournament.  Prior to that I had seen your Rebound commercial many times during the Olympics.  Both reminded me that I wanted to get back to you about how pleased I am about the PT you gave me.  I could not be happier. The physical therapy was fun […]

March 6th: World Lymphedema Day

Today, Tuesday, March 6th is recognized as World Lymphedema Day.  I am a physical therapist that treats patients with lymphedema, so this day has a great deal of meaning to both me and my patients.  Many people still do not know what lymphedema is, nor do they realize how many people in this world are affected […]

Catching up on Pitching Injuries

Major League Baseball’s spring training is in full swing which means baseball season here in Central Oregon will soon be underway. As each player and position is vital to the game itself, a pitchers arm is what they rely on. That said throwing happens to be one of the most violent motions in all sports […]

Rocking her Recovery!

There is nothing better than heading into the weekend after reading feedback of this caliber! We love to hear your stories of recovery and appreciate you taking the time to share! Hi Christina, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did to help me when I broke my hip last March. I […]

From PT to Purritos

Throughout the years we continue to have stellar aides helping out our physical therapists. Many head on to PT school, others to travel the world and find their own unique adventures – and others still stay right here in Bend and make a splash in the food cart industry! Catch up with Caley, this girl […]

We Appreciate You!

It is refreshing and motivating to see the determination and drive of our patients. Patients want to give the credit to the physical therapist but really a physical therapist is a guide and the patient is the driver. It is rewarding to see how a patient’s hard work pays off in great outcomes. Nick Hagen, […]

Kegels: Who, What, Why and Where

Six week’s after bringing baby home you are at your postpartum check up. You are told by your doctor, everything looks great! If its “great” than why don’t I feel that way? Did you feel different now that before you had a baby? Has your body changed and your confused how to progress? Are you […]

Hidden Hobbies – Hannah Mattson: Cross Training through CrossFit

Rebound’s *award winning publication, Hidden Hobbies, is at it again. This time the spotlight is on Hannah Mattson (an aide at Rebound’s East Clinic) and her journey into the world of CrossFit. As you might have gathered from the previous sentence, Hannah is fairly new to the CrossFit scene, but her competitive drive has led […]

Welcome Trudi Trygg, PT

As always we are thrilled when a new physical therapist joins our team, and miss Trudi Trygg, PT is no exception! With a solid background in post-op rehabilitation, throwing sports injuries, gait analysis and athletic shoe fitting as well as pain management, Trudi is coming to the table prepared and nothing short of amazing and […]

Finding Balance

These are the stories that make our day, our year, well the whole darn thing worth while! To hear that we were able to help to this joyful spirit continue to enjoy her everyday life is what working with people and being part of the Central Oregon community is all about. Thank you so much […]

Fight off Cold and Flu with Acu

With the winter months approaching, cold and flu season will soon hit many of us. Acupuncture can be very helpful in balancing the body and boosting the immune system. Getting regular acupuncture treatments may be the ticket for you to stay healthy and strong this season. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for […]

Welcome Evan Ameluxen-Coleman, PT, DPT

Physical therapist Evan Ameluxen-Coleman is joining the staff here at Rebound Physical Therapy and we could not be more excited to have him! Evan brings enthusiasm to our Prineville clinic and is a fantastic addition to that already wonderful crew! Evan let us in on some of his all time favorites, from school subjects to […]

Welcome Scott Elms, PT, MSPT

We are thrilled to welcome Scott Elms, PT, MSPT to Rebound and our Work Injury Program! Scott is involved in developing and growing Rebound’s return to work and injury prevention services such as pre-employment, testing, PCEs, WCEs, work hardening and conditioning and/or ergonomic assessments. Since graduating from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts with his […]

Improving Balance – Stay Upright this Fall

Balance Awareness Week is September 12-18, and Fall Prevention Awareness Day will be observed on September 22. These events give us a chance to recognize the challenges that people with vestibular disorders face, and to encourage those who have dizziness or balance problems to gather more information and seek the help of a vestibular specialist. […]

Vestibular Disorder: Balance is our Business

Do you have complaints of vertigo (spinning), dizziness or loss of balance with getting out of bed, looking up, or bending over? Does walking in the dark, walking in busy environments such as grocery store, or on uneven ground make you feel unsteady? Does quick head or body motion affect your balance or make you […]

Hidden Hobbies – Stewart Wilent on the Highland (Games)

Rebound: Please state your full name and height. Please remember this is not an interrogation. Stewart: Stewart William Wilent. 6’7’’ R: What are you studying in school right now? S: I’m currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. R: Let’s start with the basics. What are the Highland Games? S: Traditional Scottish games that […]

Change of Seasons Equates to Change of Physical Demands

Here in Central Oregon fall brings on a readiness for sports like football and lacrosse as well as the preparation for the wide variety of beloved outdoor recreation activities. As temperatures start to cool down we tend to be outside a little less when not active. So how do we prepare our bodies for these […]

Matt Braga Then and Now

Matt Braga became part of the Rebound family in early 2017 and has been busy settling into his new Central Oregon Lifestyle. In hopes of getting to know Matt a little better, we recently asked him to answer a series of questions. The results were earth shattering. Chances are after reading this, you’ll want to […]

CCC Recap 2017

The 38th annual Cascade Cycling Classic has come and gone, but the memories will live on. From the banks of Prineville Reservoir to streets of Downtown Bend, and everything in between, we were reminded of what makes this longstanding tradition truly special. Rebound was excited to once again be heavily involved with this year’s race. […]

Welcome Eric Edwards PT, DPT

One of the greats returns to Rebound! Eric Edwards, previously a physical therapy aide from our East clinic has returned after completing PT school and getting a few years of experience under his belt! We are very excited to have him back as part of the Rebound team and know he will be very successful […]

How Acupuncture Works

Rebound Physical Therapy Acupuncturist, Colby Hartsell, LAc discusses the treatment behind treating inflammation and muscle guarding; both common sources of discomfort and symptoms of injury to the joints, tendons or muscles. When there is injury either to joints, tendons, muscles or bones, the body responds with inflammation and muscle guarding. Soft tissue at the site […]

Fighting Fires with Physical Therapy

Rebound is currently overseeing an Injury Prevention Program aimed at keeping the team at the Bend Fire Department healthy and productive. In order to get a better idea of what the program looks like through the eyes of a participant, Rebound spoke with Bend Fire veteran, Scott Seaton. So take a few minutes and beat […]

Rebound Welcomes Matt Hayes PT, CHT

Matt Hayes PT, CHT joins Rebound Physical Therapy at our East side clinic! After graduating from the University of Kansas with a BS in Education, Matt earned his Physical Therapy degree from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA; he has currently worked in outpatient private practice settings for 15 years. Matt holds multiple board certifications […]

Tony Dao OTR/L, CHT: Rebound’s Handy Man

Tony Dao ORT/L, CHT is Rebound Physical Therapy’s Director of Hand Therapy and what is known as ‘Hand Land’ by those in the know. This Washington Husky came to Bend several year’s ago toting along his passion for treating patients, outdoor activities and everything University of Washington related. It has been wonderful having him at […]

Joyce Stahly OT, CHT, on Giving a Helping Hand

June 5th – 9th is National Hand Therapy Week. Here at Rebound we have three ridiculously talented Certified Hand Therapists with years of experience in a variety of settings, meet one member of the team, Joyce Stahly OT, CHT. Joyce has many years of specialty experience with acute and chronic hand, burn and upper extremity […]

Hidden Hobbies – Jaxon Black Designs

Jacki Cunningham, Front Office Lead at our Westside, clinic fills us in on what she is up to outside of clinic hours and her plan to put a ring on it! For the record please state your name and business/’hobby’ name Jacki Cunningham | Jaxon Black Designs Tell us about this lil hobby of yours… […]

Mel Lawrence: She’s Super Fast

Who is Mel Lawrence? The first thing that might come to mind is a super-fast runner. While that label may be accurate, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Recently, Rebound was lucky enough to catch up with Lawrence to see just what makes this top notch athlete go. Luckily for us we didn’t have to […]

Sunriver Physical Therapy Clinic Open House – Sept 22, 2016 – 5-7pm

Rebound Physical Therapy Sunriver has expaded their clinic to a new location in the Sunriver Business Park Open House Thursday, September 22nd 5-7pm More information about our Sunriver physical therapy location here.

Sunriver clinic moves to business park

Rebound Physical Therapy Sunriver has expanded their clinic to a new location in the Sunriver Business Park across the street from the Sunriver Area Public Library.

Rebound La Pine teams up for ALS Penny War Challenge

Our clinic won the Penny War challenge for ALS in La Pine! We were teamed up with Drugmart and beat the Health Clinic and all their satellite locations. Shawntina, Kelli, and Ashlie were the main drivers for the fund raiser.

Rebound runs the Horse Butte 10 Miler

Superfit Productions put on another great edition of the Horse Butte 10 Miler Running Race. Rebound ran in style with several of the therapists and staff out in force. You can catch up on course info and this years results at:

2015 Dirksen Derby set to go – Rebound will be there!

The annual Dirksen Derby is all set to go on Dec 11-13, 2015. The course is designed each year on a new part of the mountain to keep the racers on their toes. Rebound Physical Therapy is a long time sponsor of this great event donating to the Tyler Eklund fund and we’ll be up […]

The Efficacy & Benefits of a Pilates-Based Approach in Physical Therapy For The Treatment of Low Back Pain

10/22/15 MEETING DESCRIPTION – Oregon Pain Society The Efficacy & Benefits of a Pilates-Based Approach in Physical Therapy For The Treatment of Low Back Pain Presenter: Erin Novelli, PT PRESENTATION Pilates has become increasingly popular in the general population and within physical therapy. With the high prevalence of low back pain in our society, understanding […]

2015 The Blitz Pro Mountain Bike Invite Recap

Who watched the madness of The Blitz Pro Mountain Bike Invite this year at Tetherow?! That is not an event to be missed. Race from Wanoga Snow Park to Tetherow golf course with 4 fun primes along the way and beer seals your final position. The primes: First onto the trail – “the hole shot” […]

2015 Pole Pedal Paddle in Bend, OR

Another great edition of the venerable Pole Pedal Paddle. Rebound was out in force and had a great time supporting the wonderful Bend community we’re a part of. Check out a quick recap of the events.

Joe Nance, MPT,OCS,FAAOMPT named Bend Eastside Clinic Manager

We are delighted to announce Joe Nance MPT, OCS, FAAOMPT as the new Clinic Manager at our East side clinic – such a stellar guy, way to go Joe!!!

Tommy Ford + Rebound + Corralco, Chil

World class skier, Tommy Ford of the US Ski Team, headed back to the slopes after a 2013 season ending injury. Tommy became a local Bend superstar at a very young age. He began racing at a competitive level at age seven and continued on to earn four gold medals in the US Junior Championships […]

Rebound supports Annabelle’s Angel Glow Run / Walk in Bend

On October 17, 2014 Rebound took the lead sponsorship role for the second annual Anabelle’s Angel Glow Run/Walk to benefit Anabelle Wilson and Central Oregon Sparrow Clubs. The event brought out all variety of Bend runners and walkers. Some on the first 5K of their running career, others well accomplished in their feat. With over […]

Bend’s Bigfoot 10K Returns

Bend, OR, September 4, 2014 – Bend’s oldest and fastest running event is scheduled for Sunday, September 14. Beginning at Seventh Mountain Resort at 9am and finishing at Deschutes Brewery, the point to point, downhill 10K will follow Century Drive into the Old Mill District. Also offered is the Dirtyfoot 10K – a mostly singletrack […]

2014 CORK Youth XC Practice & XC Race Series

Youth XC Running Practice Join Central Oregon Running Klub (CORK) for another great year of Youth XC practice. Each day will feature a warm up, drills and a workout with a focus on sportsmanship and competitive fun. ALSO… CORK XC Race Series The CORK Cross Country Series is Back Again! Tuesday evenings at 5:45 this […]

Jere Breese Ranch Stampede – Sept 6, 2014

Save the day September 6th for the 2014 Jere Breese Memorial Ranch Stampede. This race benefits the Crook County XC program and cancer foundation Step up, get a little dirty, and come run the ranch for a great cause. Kids Fun Run-$5.00 w/shirt 5K/10K Open-$25 PreRegistered by 9/5/14-No shirt or $30 Race Day Registration 6:30am […]

Rebound Physical Therapy takes on ALS #icebucketchallenge

Rebound Physical Therapy takes on the #icebucketchallenge – do you have it in you? Check out more at: 

Local Pro and REP Athlete Carl Decker takes the 2014 Blitz to the Barrel

Congrats to local mountain bike professional and REP Biomechanics Lab athlete Carl Decker on his great win at the 2014 Blitz to the Barrel. The Bend Bulletin did a nice job covering this year’s event here and video coverage below. Photo by Ryan Brennecke / The Bulletin. 

1st Annual Rebound ‘Stache Dash

When: May 31, 2014 @ 11am Where: Steps at City Park How much: $20 (day of registration $25, so register early) What’s it For: CCHS Sports Dillon’s will also be donating 20% of proceeds from all purchases to CCHS sports! Thank you Dillon’s! Dash into helping CCHS sports programs by dashing from the steps at […]

Rebound Teams Pole Pedal Paddle their way to fun!

Rebound Physical Therapy fielded a number of teams in Bend’s annual Pole Pedal Paddle and ranged from fun to age-group winners. We are proud to be part of such a great community. Nolan King (Cushing Aide) Individual age group winner Alyssa O’Connor (Cushing Aide) and Tosch Roy- Co-ed Pairs age group winner Ashley Perry (West […]

Joe Nance joins Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend

Rebound Physical Therapy Bend  pleased to welcome Joe Nance, MPT, OCS, FAAOMPT who will be joining Rebound-Cushing as Physical Therapist effective April 21st. Joe and his family recently moved to Bend from Kirkland, Washington where he served as a Clinical Supervisor & PT for Olympic Physical Therapy (OPT) for the past 11 years. Joe Nance […]

Rebound & REP Lab’s Jay Dicharry contributes to Running Medicine textbook

The recently released 2nd edition of Running Medicine synthesizes the advances in research, clinical practice, and technology related to management of the running athlete. The book is the most comprehensive work ever published on the topic an features an all-star group of writers. Jay Dicharry of the REP Lab in Bend, OR authored the chapter […]

Rebound sponsors the Sunriver Mudslinger

Rebound Physical Therapy was a proud sponsor of the 2014 Sunriver Mudslinger and the famed Mud Pits. Eric Walberg of Rebound Sunriver and the Rebound crew was out in force for the 2014 edition. This year’s event featured obstacles including walls of varying heights, tires to step through, a spider web weave, sloth crossing, mud […]

Merrell All-Out Collection features REP Biomechanics Lab

Merrell All-Out collection technology features REP Biomechanics Lab and Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS “Shoes don’t run, runners run. Shoes need to run with your foot to make your body more stable.” Check out the video and see Jay’s interview starting at 51 sec. We want to make running as easy as possible on your body. […]

Sunriver Mudslinger coming March 23

Rebound is proud to sponsor the Sunriver Mudslinger event on March 23rd. This is not to be missed and features a family-friendly, fun-first atmosphere and obstacle course…you guessed it…through the mud! Not only is it a great way to play during spring break but the Sunriver Fire Department will be there to hose you off […]

US Ski Team member Tommy Ford making strides in recovery

With the Sochi Olympics now officially under way we have local Tommy Ford and the US Ski Team on our radar. Tommy is a world class alpine skier, represented the U.S. at the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2011 World Championships and more recently scored numerous Top 20 results in World Cup Giant Slalom races. Slalom […]

KTVZ talks to Rebound about what it takes to be an Olympian

he KTVZ NewsChannel 21 report “Kandra Kent trains like an Olympian” took an in-depth look at the science behind making it to the grand stage of the Winter Olympics. NewsChannel 21 reporter Kandra Kent looked at force measurements, biomechanics and sport-specific exercises with Rebound Physical Therapy / REP Biomechanics Lab Director Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS.

Shape Magazine & Rebound’s Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS talk posture for running strength

Shape Magazine recently consulted with Rebound’s Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS on “Ways to Become a Better Runner Without Running.” Professional triathlete and REP Lab regular Linsey Corbin shows how maintaining good posture can help muscle strength for “boosting speed, building endurance, and staying injury-free.” You can find the whole series on the Shape Magazine website

Bend snowboarder Kent Callister officially selected for Olympics

Bend Oregon Professional snowboarder Kent Callister has been officially selected to complete for Australia in the halfpipe competition in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. Kent suffered a season ending ankle injury prior to the Vancouver Winter Olympics and has been working hard toward making team for Sochi. Congratulations – we’re proud to see you […]

Rebound Physical Therapy quoted in Washington Post study

Rebound Physical Therapy PT and REP Biomechanics Lab Director Jay Dicharry recently took part in a Washington Post article that highlight the destructive nature of prolonged sitting. The panel of experts focused on key areas that get affected most starting with the head and ending with the toes. Great read, very informative and provides great […]

REP Lab Running Strength Class – starts Jan 30

REP Lab’s Running Strength & Biomechanics Class will be starting up on January 30, 2014. This class is custom-tailored just for runners looking to build strength and power. While a strong engine is important for running, a stable and strong chassis ensures you can hold your form for any distance from a 5K to an […]

NPR talks “Smart Shoes” with Jay Dicharry

NPR station KPCC talks “ Smart Shoes ” with REP Biomechanics Lab Director Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS REP Lab Director Jay Dicharry PT, SCS discusses the rapidly evolving field of shoe design with NPR affiliate KPCC – Southern California December 18, 2013 – Bend, Ore. – REP Lab director and Rebound physical therapist Jay Dicharry, […]

Running to & from USATF Nationals

From Jay Dicharry’s blog Last week, I had the privilege of jumping on a plane and traveling to speak at the USA Track and Field National Conference in Indianapolis. It was a great melding of the minds, with the focus on “rebuilding” the athlete pool. I was asked to speak about injury and trying […]

Bend FC Timbers partner with REP Lab & Rebound

Bend FC Timbers partner with REP Biomechanics Lab and Rebound Physical Therapy REP Lab Director Jay Dicharry PT, will assist with FC Timber athlete development through specific strength, power and agility programs. Rebound Physical Therapy joins as “Official PT Provider to the Bend FC Timbers.” December 2, 2013 – Bend, Ore. – REP Lab and […]

Strategies for Sustaining an Injury Free Career Seminar by Jay Dicharry

Solving the Mystery of Athletics Speaker: Jay Dicharry, MPT REP Lab Sports Performance and Athlete Development director Jay Dicharry, PT, SCS will be presenting to the Pain Society of Oregon, a chapter of the Western Pain Society this coming Thursday Novemeber 21, 2013 at 6pm. Course registration for Pain Society members can be found at […]

Ducks vs Beavers Civil War Game Party at Sunriver SHARQ

Rebound is proud to sponsor the Oregon Ducks vs OSU Beavers Civil War Game Party at Sunriver SHARQ on Friday, November 29. Join us for 3pm Pre-Game Fun including including games, a football pool, raffles, and a kids’ activity room by New Generations Kickoff is scheduled for 4pm!! Call 541-585-3147 to RSVP DOWNLOAD THE FLYER […]

REP Lab’s Jay Dicharry discusses Treadmill Running: What’s different? What’s the same?

Well, its that time of year again. The sun sinks below the horizon early, and with that my phone rings with reporters wanting to know what tips they should give to their readers about running successfully on a treadmill. Rather than risking this info getting watered down, I figured I’d give you the straight scoop. […]

Angel Glow 5K raises 23K for Anabelle’s Fund & MLD Foundation

Rebound is proud to be a part of such a worthwhile event. The numbers are in now and the Bend community really stepped up to support the Angel Flow 5K and Anabelle’s fund as well as the MLD Foundation. The race director had this to say: “To all of the amazing volunteers for the Angel […]

USATF XC National Championships – Dec 13-15, Bend Oregon

Rebound Physical Therapy and REP Lab are proud to sponsor the 2013 USATF XC National Championships this coming December 13-15 in Bend, Oregon. The River’s Edge Golf Course will be hosting the event and will draw top cross country runners from around the country. You can register for the event here and find additional USATF […]

Cork Youth Cross Country Clinics

Join Central Oregon Running Klub with coaches Kari Strang, Andrew Jenson, and Max King for another great year of Youth XC clinics. Each day will feature a warm up, drills and a workout with a focus on sportsmanship and competitive fun. mapWhen/Where: MON, WED, THURS 4:00pm-5:30pm Drake Park Who: Open to Grades 2-5 starting 10/21 […]

Rebound Physical Therapy Receives 2013 Best of Prineville Award

Prineville Award Program Honors the Achievement PRINEVILLE October 1, 2013 — Rebound Physical Therapy’s Prineville location has been selected for the 2013 Best of Prineville Award in the Physical Therapists category by the Prineville Award Program. Each year, the Best of Prineville Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in […]

Local cowboy ‘Steven Peebles’ wins at Pendleton

PENDLETON — Redmond cowboy Steven Peebles won the average in the bareback competition at the 103rd Pendleton Round-Up this weekend, highlighting a strong effort by Central Oregon competitors. Peebles, who entered the four-day Eastern Oregon rodeo ninth in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s bareback world standings, posted an 81-point ride in Saturday’s final round after […]

Bend skier Tommy Ford going through rehab

The Olympics in February look like a long shot after skier heals broken leg By Beau Eastes / The Bulletin Published: August 21. 2013 4:00AM PST Photo: Bend’s Tommy Ford competes in an Alpine Ski World Cup giant slalom race this past December in Alta Badia, Italy – Mitchell Gunn / ESPA For Tommy Ford, […]

Triathletes Talk: What Works and Why?

Tuesday, September 25th at 7:30pm-8:30pm Location: Rebound Biomechanics Lab (1106 SW Simpson Ave, Ste. 200) ——————————————– Panel discussion and Q&A with top triathletes Jesse Thomas, Matt Lieto, Linsey Corbin, Heather Jackson and Jen Luebke. Rebound Physical Therapy is hosting a free talk on Triathlon Training at their West Side Clinic at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 25th. […]

Can I buy speed? Just ask Jay Dicharry at the REP Lab…

by JAY DICHARRY on AUGUST 5, 2013 Adam Craig at Rebound Cyclists want two very simple things. They want to be comfortable on a bike, and they want to be fast. And anytime we “want” something, we must ask the question: how hard must I work to achieve it? Or, in this golden age of […]

Remember: A peaks performance

Bend’s Mitch Thompson sets new record for climbing Three Sisters By Mark Morical / The Bulletin Mitch Thompson climbs volcanoes like Spiderman scales a burning skyscraper to rescue a damsel in distress at the top: He does not take the time to soak in his surroundings. He just wants to reach the summit as fast […]

Rebound Athlete Stephanie Howe Speedgoat 50K Winner

Rebound Athlete Stephanie Howe interviewed with Brian Howe of the website I Run Far after her fantastic win at the 2013 Speedgoat 50K. Check our her interview! Full interview transcript available here:

Stretching: Static vs Dynamic

Experts say stretching moves may be better for athletes than static poses By Anne Aurand The Bulletin | July 25, 2013 Common thought has long been that a good stretch before a hard workout was the right thing to do. Stretching before any rigorous activity was supposed to reduce injury and improve performance. However, some […]

High-tech treadmill at REP Lab Bend used to improve training

High-tech treadmills at REP lab Bend used by locals Elite athletes can get analysis that will help improve their training regimen By Elise Gross / The Bulletin Published: July 23. 2013 4:00AM PST Stephanie Howe knows a thing or two about endurance sports. The 29-year-old Bend resident and former college All-American in cross-country running is […]

“In the High Country” Film Premiere

“In The High Country” screening to be hosted outdoors at Rebound PT Rebound Physical Therapy is hosting a special film premiere of Joel Wolpert’s “In The High Country,” on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at Rebound Physical Therapy’s West Side Clinic – 1160 SW Simpson Ave. The film captures the life of mountain runner and free-soloist […]

Rebound Sponsors Cascade Cycling Classic

PHOTO: Joe Kline / The Bulletin “Kristin McGrath holds up the trophy on the podium after winning the pro women’s division of the Cascade Cycling Classic on Sunday at Bend’s Summit High School.” ————————————————————————– Congratulations to the 2013 Cascade Cycling Classic participants and winners. Spectators and fans were treated to many hard fought battles over […]

Mobility and the Multisport Athlete

This Thursday in Bend, OR @ 7:30 at the Westside Clinic: Athletes – Please join Jay Dicharry PT (REP Biomechanics Lab Director) Matt Lieto (Pro Triathlete) and Keats McDougal (Ironman Canada & Tahoe Director) for a night of Mobility and Multi-sport discussion. Jay will provide the latest research on mobility and best practices for multisport […]

Footstrike 101: How Should Your Foot Hit The Ground?

Various studies support the pros and cons of each style – so which is correct? Most of the tenets of good running form are universally agreed upon by coaches, athletes, physiologists, form gurus and shoe designers: an upright postural alignment with a slight forward tilt, a compact arm swing and short strides that result in […]

R.E.P. Lecture Series Mobility and the Multisport Athlete July 11, 7:30pm – Rebound Westside

Next up…R.E.P. Lecture Series | Mobility and the Multisport Athlete Local Triathlete Matt Lieto is joining us for an evening geared towards multisport athletes that includes Jay Dicharry, PT and special guest Keats McGonigal, Race Director for Ironman Canada and Ironman Lake Tahoe. Jay will provide the latest research on mobility and best practices for […]

Merrell Partners with Running Technique Expert Jay Dicharry

SportsOneSource Media Posted: 7/9/2013 Merrell said it has formed a partnership with Jay Dicharry, physical therapist at Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend, OR and a leading expert in biomechanical analysis. Dicharry’s international reputation is built on one-to-one work with athletes to correct imbalances before they affect performance. His ongoing research focuses on footwear and the […]

Power Position: How to get the right bicycle fit for power and speed

So many of us can turn the cranks round and round, but where does this power come from? How does the way you sit in a bike play a major role in the economy and comfort? You’ll learn simple take home cues that have a major impact on your performance. Friday, June 28th at 7:30pm-8:30pm […]