Where are They Now? The Kayla Meredith Story…

By golly, we did it again. Rebound’s “Where are They Now” segment returns in full force. In this edition we had the pleasure of catching up with our old friend from the East clinic, Kayla Meredith. After spending years in different sectors of the healthcare field, Kayla has found her calling in the world of nursing. So pour a glass of pinot and start reading. If you don’t enjoy this story on Kayla, we might send her over to check your pulse.

Rebound Physical Therapy: What Rebound clinic did you work at and what was your role there?

Kayla Merideth: East Clinic – Front office staff for a bit, then briefly an aide/intern while I was finishing up my degree in Kinesiology from Oregon State.

RPT: Was this your first experience in a PT setting, what was your take on it?

KM: As a patient, no, but as a team member, yes! I loved working at Rebound, the environment was always fast paced, and the crew was amazing. Everybody worked really well together to make a business with a lot of moving parts be successful.

RPT: Most memorable Rebound moment?

KM: A) Throwing people in the pool on their last day, always an epic battle.

  1. B) Also, every single Christmas party.

RPT: What’s one thing that you can say makes Rebound a great place to work?

KM: The teamwork! And the hilarious, laid back group of people I got to spend my workdays with.

RPT: What are you up to these days?

KM: I’m a brand-new nurse! I graduated nursing school in June and am currently on the prowl for the perfect nursing job, hopefully in Labor and Delivery. I am also in the process of studying for my board exams to make it all official! In the meantime, my husband and I are enjoying some summer traveling. (France and Spain are up next!)

RPT: How did you decide to go that route?

KM: I had been dabbling in the medical field for a long time and hadn’t quite found my niche. I was certain I wanted to be somewhere in the world of patient care. But I learned along the way that I really need variety and a constant challenge in my career, and if there’s one thing nursing can guarantee, it’s that!

RPT: Was it easier than you thought it would be? More difficult?

KM: It depends on the day you caught me…nursing school was definitely tough! Some days were wonderful and felt like a total breeze, and sometimes I felt like there was no way I could possibly finish. But with my nursing crew, my husband, and let’s be honest, a lot of wine, I survived!

RPT: Now what’s the plan as far as nursing goes?

KM: Impatiently waiting for that highly coveted Labor and Delivery internship spot at St. Charles!

RPT: What surprised you most as far as what you learned in school?

KM: How little I actually know! And how I will literally never stop learning in this career. Which makes me love it even more!

RPT: Did anyone inspire you to go this route or just seemed like the right thing?

KM: My husband! He has been a paramedic for 8 years. Talking with him about his job over the years and seeing the impact he has had on people’s lives has always been inspiring.

RPT: Any books, songs, quotes that were your go-to’s when the going got tough?

KM: My ever-evolving workout playlist was always my first go-to. There are few things better than an intense workout and the accompanying endorphins to help you through a rough day in nursing school.

RPT: You can have two famous guests join you to float the river, who would they be?

KM: Chris Pratt and Ellen DeGeneres

RPT: Finish this sentence… Keep calm and —–