Monthly Archives: June 2022

Welcome Taylor Debar, MOTR/L

  We are pleased to announce that Taylor DeBar, MOTR/L is the newest addition to Rebound’s Hand Therapy Program. Her primary clinic location will be Rebound’s Redmond Clinic. Originally from Michigan, Taylor graduated from Grand Valley State University with her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Taylor first became interested in hand therapy while working throughout graduate school as [...]

Tips to Keep You on The Pickleball Court

Tips to Keep You On The Pickleball Court written by David Bergstrom, PT, DPT Most people know the game by now, but for the uninitiated, pickleball is something of a mix between tennis, racquetball and ping pong. Players use special paddles and a wiffle ball, and games take place on tennis courts with specific pickleball lines. [...]

Hiking Your Way to Good Health

Hiking Your Way To Good Health written by Sarah Stafford, PT, DPT, MPH   Hiking, which can include everything from walking a flat nature path to climbing Everest, enhances cardiovascular fitness and can lower blood pressure. Going up and down hills gives the heart a great workout! But if you’re just starting out, there a [...]