Monthly Archives: July 2020

Get Back in the Saddle with Help from a Hand Therapist

  Reaching out your arm to brace for a fall is instinctual.  It’s no surprise, then, that some of the most common mountain biking injuries are fractures of the wrist, hands, fingers and elbows. When a bike’s front tire hits a rock or loose dirt, it can cause the rider to fly off the bike […]

PT Spotlight: Eric Edwards PT, DPT, OCS

For physical therapist Eric Edwards, the best part of the job is helping patients get back to doing what they love.  “It’s about identifying what is really important to a patient: what activity is really important to who they are and how they cope as a person,” explained Edwards, a PT at Rebound’s North Clinic […]

Overcoming Mountain Biking Injuries with Physical Therapy

  Jason Wright knew instantly that his collarbone was broken. In May, Wright was mountain biking on Bend’s Tiddlywinks trail when he made a sharp right hand turn. His left shoulder collided with a tree, fracturing his clavicle.  The injury “was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through,” said Wright, a 38 year-old Bend […]