"I suffered from vertigo on and off during a two year period. The medical community had not been able to help me. My physical therapist did a simple test to see if I had the type of vertigo that he could treat. When he determined my condition was treatable, he gave me a short treatment, and I was instantly cured, and it has not returned! I am grateful beyond my ability to fully express in words! Thank you!”

Sonja - Rebound Physical Therapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation

"I have had neck and shoulder pain for many years. Since I started going for acupuncture my pain has greatly improved. I have much better range of motion in my neck, and muscle spasms rarely occur. I would highly recommend acupuncture. It has decreased my pain and the treatments are very relaxing. It definitely has a healing effect."

Linda - Rebound Physical Therapy

Acupuncture Bend

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my physical therapist. When I first came to Rebound I was not very hopeful regarding my condition. With his professionalism, training and knowledge and with his encouragement, I can honestly say my life has been greatly enhanced. I cannot tell you the difference it makes in my life to know that when I get up in the morning, my day is going to get better. My hope is not blind faith, but knowledge gained through working with my physical therapist. He gave me the opportunity to learn how to stretch and exercise my back in a way specific for my condition. With this knowledge, I am able to reduce my pain and enjoy the day. I would not ever hesitate to refer my friends and family to Rebound for treatment. Thank you.”

Jane - Rebound Physical Therapy

"“I had back surgery for a pinched nerve and had gained weight and been in quite a bit of in pain for a long time. I was in pretty bad shape. I had lost faith that I could feel better or live pain free and doubted if I could get myself back into shape again. I came a really long ways during the time while I was there and I am keeping up with everything.”

Elizabeth - Rebound Physical Therapy

Back Pain

“I cannot thank you enough for diagnosing the cause of my sudden onset of severe dizziness so quickly, and being able to treat it immediately with some small adjustments. Who would imagine that a wayward crystal was causing havoc in my ear canal. Having experienced hearing loss and related problems with my father, I was sure that I was doomed for a long period or a life time of discomfort. I am absolutely elated that I am back to normal activities after just one treatment. Thank you very much.”

S.V. - Rebound Physical Therapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation

“The therapy was definitely formulated for me personally. The front desk staff is amazing- they never have a bad day!”

Rebound Physical Therapy

“The Physical Therapists at Rebound are great. I have never had such great service from other clinics in town and am happy to refer friends to Rebound knowing they’ll have a great experience.”

J.T. - Rebound Physical Therapy

"Once a skeptic, I am now a firm believer in acupuncture. I suffered for years with knees so painful that walking and standing for any length of time was impossible for me. Thanks to my treatments I go for walks, wake up pain free, and I can easily go up and down stairs."

Jennifer - Rebound Physical Therapy


“Everyone at Rebound has a great outlook in solving problems and doing the best for me. I feel like everything revolves around me.”

K.R. - Rebound Physical Therapy

“The staff is very friendly. I can get in when it is an emergency and you make me feel at home. Most importantly you have never given up on me even though I know I am a hard case.”

Rebound Physical Therapy

“My therapist is very attentive to my problem and has worked me in a variety of ways with a variety of exercises to improve my problem.”

Rebound Physical Therapy