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Beyond Pink: strong woman, strong athlete

We’ve all heard the phrase, “caters to the unique needs of a woman”…..The bottom line is that both sexes have strengths and weaknesses, but tonight it’s all about helping women. Why are females at greater risk for some injuries? How do you minimize your risk? Are their certain exercises women should emphasize? Why is “toning” a […]

R.E.P Open House May 2, 7-9pm

Join us for a fun evening of food & spirits. We’ll be introducing Jay Dicharry, Rebound Biomechanics Lab Director who will give a brief talk and provide a live demonstration with Max King & Stephanie Howe. Attendees will meet Jay Dicharry PT, researcher, author of ‘An Athlete’s Body’ and Director of the R.E.P. Biomechanics Lab. […]

R.E.P. Free Lecture Series begins on Tuesday, May 21st

Free Lecture Series Begins May 21st We’re looking forward to kicking off our R.E.P. Free Lecture Series with Jay Dicharry on Tuesday, May 21st in Bend, Oregon. Jay will be discussing why women are at greater risk for certain injuries and provide tips on prevention through specific training exercises. Timed in advance of the Happy Girls […]