Acupuncture & Physical Therapy, a Perfect Pair

At Rebound we look at each patient and their diagnosis individually and work to create the best plan of care for their recovery. There is no difference when it comes to our work injury patients as we take pride in expediting their full recovery and healthy return to work.

Central Oregon’s workers compensation program recognizes acupuncture as a viable treatment strategy for injury recovery. We are lucky to have three licensed acupuncturists, enabling us to provide this treatment at each of our clinics.

Most first time acupuncture clients are pleasantly surprised at the amount of pain reduction and healing benefits acupuncture provides. It helps with tissue healing, pain reduction, stress levels, sleep quality, and it speeds up recovery time. It works well in conjunction with physical therapy and other therapeutic modalities. Acupuncture can help reduce or eliminate the amount of pain medications and muscle relaxers required. The goal is to get our clients back to work as soon as possible, healthy and strong, whether it’s addressing the acute phase of injury or during post-surgical recovery.

Rebound’s acupuncturists have years of experience helping Central Oregon workers. Be sure to inquire with our front desk and if you have specific questions related to your condition one of our acupuncturists will be in touch with you.