Hidden Hobbies – Hannah Mattson: Cross Training through CrossFit

Rebound’s *award winning publication, Hidden Hobbies, is at it again. This time the spotlight is on Hannah Mattson (an aide at Rebound’s East Clinic) and her journey into the world of CrossFit. As you might have gathered from the previous sentence, Hannah is fairly new to the CrossFit scene, but her competitive drive has led her to explore the sport. Through this interview, you’ll get to know Hannah and what makes her tick. So finish up that set of burpees and cool down with an easy read.

*The award is given out by Rebound’s marketing department as voted on by Rebound’s marketing department.

Hidden Hobbies: How did you get into CrossFit, how long have you been involved?

Hannah Mattson: This was actually my first CrossFit competition ever. I never was interested in doing any CrossFit competitions until a friend of mine who owns a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) studio near my house asked me to be on her team for this particular competition. So needless to say, I have not been involved long 🙂

HH: It seems like there are several around Bend, how did you decide where you were going to train?

HM: I don’t actually train as a “CrossFitter”. I regularly do what is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The format for HIIT workouts is a certain amount of time working at max effort, then a short amount of rest, repeated for many rounds which is similar to CrossFit. As I said before, I began doing this type of workout shortly after moving here when I discovered the gym near my house (HIIT LOGIC). So I basically chose the gym based on proximity to my home, the intensity of the workouts and the people I became friends with. My training for the competition simply consisted of these HIIT workouts and some extra CrossFit technique practices with my competition team.

HH: Did you go into it hoping to compete or just worked towards that once you were involved?

HM: We definitely went into the competition with the intent to win. As a group, we were competing in the Scaled (2nd level) division because the 3 of us are not serious CrossFitters and don’t lift super heavy all the time, but are still competitive high level athletes. We ended up coming in 4th out of 65 Scaled teams.

We were actually rather mad about this because we placed 1st in the 1st and 3rd WODS. WODS are mini competitions that you generate a score from- a score that determines if you make it to final round or not (top three make it to the finals). The 2nd WOD we did not do as well on (we got 14th). This WOD tested each athletes Max weight for squats, and since we are not regular CrossFit athletes we don’t lift as heavy as most of the other athletes. Because of this particular WOD placement, we missed out in competing in the final round by one point. Hence our frustration.

HH: What other types of exercise do you enjoy?

HM: Basically anything. I love to hike, mountain bike, yoga, swim, kayak, downhill ski, Nordic ski, run, play any ball sport… etc.

HH: Have you always been competitive; are there other sports you have competed in over the years? Which ones?

HM: I grew up doing everything I could. I raced Nordic skiing, played competitive soccer, basketball and volleyball, ran sprints in track and did high jump. But the one sport I stuck with consistently was basketball, which I ended up playing at the DI collegiate level at the University of Portland.

HH: If you could do a WOD and have a celebrity gym partner who would it be?

HM: Probably Shaun T from the insanity workouts, I would never have an easy or dull workout.

HH: Motivational song or Pandora station that gets you amped and ready to go?

HM: Can’t hold us – Macklemore

HH: If weather and time and money were not an issue what would your favorite mode of transportation from point A to point B, be?

HM: If you throw in no traffic, then I would have to say biking, or maybe walking.

HH: One meal for 30 days straight what would you pick?

HM: Peanut butter (Crunchy) and banana.

HH: Do you get into the holiday spirit this time of year? Who is your favorite holiday movie character?

HM: I don’t get super into holiday spirit, no. I am more of a “Let’s make a lot of special Christmas cookies so we can eat them and call it good” type of person 🙂 But my favorite Christmas movie character is The Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) from Love Actually.

HH: What is the most surprising thing about working at Rebound? What has been the most helpful?

HM: The most surprising has been the uniqueness of each individual’s personality and ability to work so well as a huge group. I learn something new everyday because I am able to ask questions whenever I have them, and everyone is willing to take the time to answer them.

HH: Favorite quote/motto?

HM: Too many to choose just one….

“There is no one alive that is youer than you.” Dr. Suess

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Bring your own sunshine.”

“You are always in control of your own work ethic.” Papa Mattson