A Cushing Clinic Legend

Stuart Johnson
Rebound Physical Therapy’s flagship location, known to most as The Cushing Clinic, opened 27 years ago. Just a few years later, Stuart Johnson became part of the Rebound team. He has played key roles in Rebound clinics for the past 21+ years. For as long as many of us can remember, Stuart was the Director of Vestibular Rehabilitation and the Cushing clinic manager.

When asked for stories about Stuart’s time at Rebound, we were regaled with humorous memories like “fear the grape” or “that time he chose to wrestle a true Lucha Libre while wearing a metal pail on his head”.

Another Rebounder recalled:

Stuart is a very practiced and accomplished juggler. At Rebound Christmas party about 18 years ago, the party was really going strong and people needed to cool down while the band took a break. There was a pretty decent snowstorm in progress, and before I knew it everyone was standing outside in the darkness watching Stuart put on a juggling show with flaming batons – it was surreal as the snow was falling – and then you look around and notice a few people who had “lost” their shirts while dancing, standing there in the glow, shirtless, watching Stuart juggling fire in a snow storm…

Stuart recently celebrated his last day as the clinic manager at Bend East clinic and will be taking an extended leave. His current plans are to return in the fall and continue to play an important role at Rebound as a mentor and part-time vestibular therapist.

As Mike Doden said, “This not about Stuart’s last day in his most recent role as clinic manager. It’s a recognition of 22+ years with Rebound, the countless number of therapists he has mentored, his contribution to the practice and our community with his patient care, the impact he made on thousands of Central Oregonians over the past 2 decades, and a transition in his role at Rebound after he takes a well deserved extended leave with his family.”