Welcome Trudi Trygg, PT

Trudi Trygg

As always we are thrilled when a new physical therapist joins our team, and miss Trudi Trygg, PT is no exception! With a solid background in post-op rehabilitation, throwing sports injuries, gait analysis and athletic shoe fitting as well as pain management, Trudi is coming to the table prepared and nothing short of amazing and is a wonderful addition to our West side team! Please join us in her warm welcome and read below for more on this fantastic pt!

Favorite breakfast food: Swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam – My husband makes the best ones.
When it is pouring rain we could find you: I like to be inside by the fire. I am not a fan of rain, snow is much more fun.
The most memorable Halloween costume: Has got to be the one I made for my son when he was 10, Pirates of the Caribbean, it was so realistic :).
If I had a dinner party with 3 well known people it would have to be: 1. Malala Yousafzai – the Women’s and Children’s Activist. 2. Michelle Obama – she is an inspiration in modern day politics and such an intelligent person. 3. John Lennon- I have always been a fan of his music.
Favorite Winter Olympic Sport(s): I am a complete winter olympic sport junkie, my favorites to watch are speed skating, women’s figure skating and super G alpine skiing.
I am excited to be living in Bend: Finally it isn’t a vacation anymore, but a daily lifestyle of outdoor fun. I love to bike, hike, snowshoe, ski and paddle board.
Favorite movie: Hands down is “The Sound of Music”, I love the songs even if they are corny by today’s standards.
Favorite character in a book: I really like the character Aliena in the Ken Follett book Pillars of the Earth and the sequel World Without End.
What makes you excited to be working at Rebound: I am looking forward to being part of the team at Rebound and becoming an active member of the Bend community.