Finding Balance

Veritgo Bend

These are the stories that make our day, our year, well the whole darn thing worth while! To hear that we were able to help to this joyful spirit continue to enjoy her everyday life is what working with people and being part of the Central Oregon community is all about. Thank you so much for sharing your story Kattaryna, enjoy the adventure!

“10 weeks after experiencing a severe vertigo attack, my recovery had stalled and I was stuck in place. The noise in my head and constant disorientation was overwhelming and disrupted even the simple joys of interacting with my child. I felt half-intoxicated with any movement and feared DUI when driving. The despair that I may never mountain bike or hike again threatened my psyche daily. Bikram Yoga was helping a little, but it wasn’t enough and my appointment with the inner ear specialist at OHSU was still a month out. A friend recommended vestibular therapy at Rebound. Who knew this was a thing? Kimberlee put me at instant ease by running diagnostic tests that helped to identify what was going on inside my inner ear – vestibular neuritis. Most importantly, she expressed confidence that with my proper attention to her prescribed exercises, I would be whole again. Two weeks later I am balancing on pumpkins, running through the corn maze, and laughing again with my son. I am not yet whole, but I’m quickly on my way and quality of life has returned. Thanks Kimberlee and Rebound!”