CCC Recap 2017

Rebound Physical Therapy Bend

The 38th annual Cascade Cycling Classic has come and gone, but the memories will live on. From the banks of Prineville Reservoir to streets of Downtown Bend, and everything in between, we were reminded of what makes this longstanding tradition truly special.

Rebound was excited to once again be heavily involved with this year’s race. Along with Desert Orthopedics, our incredible staff stepped up to help cover medical support throughout the week. Aside from that, Rebound was also a lead sponsor of the Twilight Criterium, staged in historic Downtown Bend. Widely considered by the public as the greatest stage of the CCC, the Crit lived up to its billing once again.

The energy was palpable as spectators flocked to line the course comprised of Wall and Bond Street. There was a steady blur of wheels and helmets as both the Women’s and Men’s races had onlookers in a frenzy. A highlight of the evening was seeing Rebound’s very own, Jen Leubke fly by a gaggle of her adoring fans.

In between the races, we took the Rebound van onto the course for one of the greatest traditions known to man. Bottles by the hundreds flew through the air, quenching the collective thirst of all in sight. During the lap, we were treated to a one mile tricycle race, the likes of which the world has never seen. When the dust settled it was too close call. Word is the race is still being reviewed by the North American Tricycle Association.

As soon as the Rebound van completed its joyful journey, the 2nd annual Bend Classic Mile got underway. For those who aren’t familiar, the Classic Mile is a collaboration between Rebound and FootZone designed with the intention of being the most exciting foot race Central Oregon has ever experienced.

The top Male and Female times were a jaw dropping 4:02:7 and 4:36:1 respectively. There were rumblings that race officials checked their shoes for wheels, but couldn’t find any conclusive evidence.

Overall, the 2017 Cascade Cycling Classic was a wild success. But don’t just take our word for it. MBSEF Financial Development and Events Director, Molly Kelly shared with us a summary of her own.

“The Cascade Cycling Classic presented by Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon did not disappoint this year. My favorite part of the race this year was having so many international teams and riders.

The best memory was at the Time Trial, I was trying to get the Best Young Rider TT Speed Suit to Santiago Jimmy Narvaez Montenegro from Team Ecuador before the start of his race. I found him and his teammates. I talked at them for a few minutes and they gave me blank stares and then they said, “goodbye.” Then my daughter said, “Mom, they have no idea what you are saying.” Anyway, the international flair this year was just super cool and made the event even more enjoyable to put on.

Working with Rebound Physical Therapy of course is amazing. The medical support that they provided during the race was incredible. Especially on Sunday during the Worthy Brewing Awbrey Butte Circuit Race. We started the Cat 2/3 Men’s Race with 98 and only 22 finished. It was really good to have Rebound and Desert Orthopedics on hand. It was kind of like an episode of the Walking Dead.”

There you have it. We experienced a little bit of everything during the 38th annual Cascade Cycling Classic. Rebound is thrilled to be a part of making sure this event continues to thrive for years to come. Each CCC seems to top the last. With that in mind we are already looking forward to 2018.