Joyce Stahly OT, CHT, on Giving a Helping Hand

June 5th – 9th is National Hand Therapy Week. Here at Rebound we have three ridiculously talented Certified Hand Therapists with years of experience in a variety of settings, meet one member of the team, Joyce Stahly OT, CHT. Joyce has many years of specialty experience with acute and chronic hand, burn and upper extremity injuries, and details below how she initially found this fulfilling career:

What made you choose to be an Occupational Therapist (OT)?

I liked the idea of helping people after an injury or illness; assisting someone in the challenges of regaining their independence and life skills.

How did you go in the direction of Certified hand Therapist (CHT)?

Specializing in Hand Therapy allowed a more in-depth study of the hand and upper extremity and it impact on function. I was always interested in acute injuries and burn wounds, fortunately, I found a career that provided great learning and exposure.

Highlight of your career so far?

Working with a double forearm replant, and leading a team in development of hand burn protocols based on depth of burns.

Something CHT’s do that people may not realize?

We look at more than just the physical limitation and its affect on function. Assessment of life stressors, support system, coping mechanisms all contribute to the plan of treatment.

Something great about your fellow Rebound CHT’s?

I am fortunate to get to work with such a great team. Tony’s management skills keep the tight ship running smoothly, he is an excellent therapist with great experience. Lisa has just passed her Hand Certification; therefore, she is the most up to date on what is new in our field and has a calm personable style. A close team is always stronger than the individual efforts.