We Appreciate You!

Physical Therapy Redmond

It is refreshing and motivating to see the determination and drive of our patients. Patients want to give the credit to the physical therapist but really a physical therapist is a guide and the patient is the driver. It is rewarding to see how a patient’s hard work pays off in great outcomes.
Nick Hagen, PT – Bend West & Boss Clinic Manager

The best part of my job is getting to know my patient’s story, personality, what motivates them and where they are from and where they want to go. The patients make this the most interesting and fun job I could ever have.
Joe Nance, PT – Bend East Clinic Manager

We would like to thank all of our patients for choosing Rebound to help them function better so they can enjoy life more fully! We love their perseverance to push through the challenging times and have fun with us along the way.
Hailey Foster, PT – Bend South Clinic

From all of us at the North clinic, we extend our gratitude and sincere appreciation to each and every patient that has walked though our doors. You are the reason we are here!
Eric Runnels, PT – Bend North Clinic Manager

We are so lucky to have the most dedicated patients. Their motivation is inspiring and they are like family to us. Huge thanks to all our patients for their continued hard work and positive attitudes!
Laura Mann, PT – Redmond & RAC Clinic Manager

Our Prineville patients are the best! They come from all walks of life but still come together to support each other and our small community time after time.
Tami Tuttle, PT – Prineville Clinic Manager

Sunriver’s patients are very enthusiastic, generous, and care about our community.
Eric Walberg, PT – Sunriver Clinic Manager

Wanted to give a big thank you to the people of LaPine, Gilcrest, Silver Lake, Summer Lake, Christmas Valley, Diamond Lake, Crescent Lake, and everywhere in between! It’s been a great 5 Years down here and I’ve enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of you. What a great group of people and I feel blessed to have worked with you to get you back to work, hunting, fishing, sports, and snowmobiling! Thank you for your support and welcoming me with open arms. Cheers!
Andy Emerson, PT – Lapine Clinic Manger