From PT to Purritos

Throughout the years we continue to have stellar aides helping out our physical therapists. Many head on to PT school, others to travel the world and find their own unique adventures – and others still stay right here in Bend and make a splash in the food cart industry! Catch up with Caley, this girl (and her wife) have made a business out of everything we love: A trendy food cart, delicious pancake-burritos and a full helping of positive vibes! Read first hand how this dream turned into reality!

When did you work at Rebound and how did you end up there?

Five years ago I moved to Bend from Philadelphia. I was a nursing school drop out determined to find my way again, but no idea how to restart. With loving parents in Bend and a supportive partner willing to take the leap to move to Oregon, we decided it was time to create our destiny. I sought out work in physical therapy because I enjoy patient care and holistic healing. The combination was a match and in February 2013 I began as a PT Aide at Rebound-Cushing.

What did you enjoy most about working there?

I enjoyed witnessing the patient’s transformation from first appointment to last. In addition, the friendships I gained from working at Rebound are still strong to this day. I’d say a solid tribe grew in my life from working at Rebound.

Anything hysterically funny happen in the clinic while you were working?

Tossing staff in the pool on their last day never got old. I tried to wiggle myself free, three times!! They must have been pretty sad to see me go 😉

What are you up to nowadays?

Aside from crazy dance parties with my wife, two cats and bunny, I am the Executive Chef and Owner/Operator of The Pancake Wagon food cart here in Bend.

That sounds amazing, how did you cook up that fantastic idea?

My wife, Basia, co-owns and operates TPW with me. We both come from health care careers and we noticed breakfast time was tough for medical staff. Either we worked overnight and could only get fast food breakfast at awkward hours or we were daytime staff and breakfast was at the crack of dawn and again, limited! We thought to ourselves, a breakfast wrap would be a perfect solution and I love cooking breakfast, especially pancakes . Thus, the Purrito (pancake burrito) idea was born and then came the food cart!

Are you still involved with RPT in any way?

I happened to hurt my neck/ shoulder a few weeks ago. Aurora Fry, PT has been incredibly helpful. My favorite exercise is ‘servin’ the pizza’! Official name and everything.

Tell us about the bunny:

Haha, you mean Rue the pancake bunny?? It was our first summer and Basia noticed clovers popping up in the lawn at Mountain Supply, where we are parked. She jokingly said, “we should get a work bunny to eat the clovers…” That was a dangerous seed that she planted because about a week later I found Rue! He was an orphan bunny and was fostered by a family until he grew. We was raised with kids, dogs, and chickens so he is very well socialized. Rue does, in fact, enjoy clovers.

If you were to name a burrito after something related to Rebound what would you come up with?

The Protein Packed Purrito was actually inspired by bits of my time at Rebound and bits of the active community of Bend. I combine a large protein pancake with peanut butter and fresh fruit. Simple, naturally sweet, tons of protein! Right now we have the PBJB- Peanut butter, banana, and my mixed berry and chia seed jelly wrapped in a protein pancake. Boom! Fueled all day!

The secret to working everyday alongside your spouse work?

We are both very passionate about what we are doing with TPW and we know life is easier when we simply communicate to each other. When we are at work Basia and I really hone in to our positions. We recognize each other’s strengths and allow each other to lead in those roles as well as help each other when we call for it. Working together then becomes similar to dancing.

Anything else?

I’ll pass on a bit of knowledge I’ve picked up on this roller coaster of life: Work in favor of doing what you love doing and the possibilities become endless.