Therapist Spotlight: Peter Mollo, PT, SCS, CSCS, ATC

When it comes to rehab, Rebound physical therapist Peter Mollo takes an integrative approach with his patients. “I use everything,” said Mollo of his treatment style. “I teach high school football players yoga for flexibility and incorporate Olympic lifting techniques when strength-training older patients.”

After spending the last 10 years serving as the PT at Rebound’s Redmond Athletic Club (RAC) location, Mollo has recently moved to Rebound’s West Clinic in Bend.

Mollo brings with him a wealth of knowledge in orthopedics and sports medicine; he has worked as a physical therapist for almost 24 years, graduating from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (Florida) in 1997. Mollo is Board Certified as a Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS) and holds national certifications in both Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) and Athletic Training (ATC).

Prior to becoming a PT, Mollo — who grew up in Southern Connecticut — obtained a master’s degree in exercise physiology and fitness management from New York University and subsequently managed a corporate fitness center in New York City.

Mollo’s fitness-based education has proven to be an asset in treating a diverse patient population — allowing him to progress patients from the initial rehab stage to high-level conditioning. “You never know who is going to come through the clinic doors and what their needs and goals are going to be,” said Mollo, who has worked extensively with amateur and professional athletes alike.

He uses a variety of manual (hands-on) therapy techniques when treating patients. According to Mollo, roughly 85 percent of his treatment is focused on “functional exercise” — training the body for activities performed in daily life. “I’m a big believer in (the importance of) posture and flexibility,” he noted.

Exercises and treatment plans are tailored to a patient’s specific needs and goals, which is one of the things Mollo said he enjoys most about his job. “As a PT, you get to think differently for each patient,” he said. “I enjoy the challenge.”

After close to 35 years working in the health and fitness industry, Mollo said helping patients get better is still just as gratifying as ever: “It feels good to know that (my patients) have made some progress and that I’ve helped them achieve whatever goals they had.”