Kreuzing into Cushing

PT Bend East
Kicking it with Caroline Kreuz

At Rebound Physical Therapy we take pride in having a plethora of unique individuals on our team. Each person at Rebound seems to have a story to tell, so naturally when we bring new people on we like to spend some time getting to know them. Our chat with the newest staff member at Rebound’s Eastside clinic, Caroline Kreuz did not disappoint.

We felt Caroline’s journey was worth a share. So untie those cleats, ditch the shin guards and take a breather. We’ve got a feeling you’re going to “Kreuz” through this fun and fast paced Q&A.

Let’s get to it!

Rebound: We’ll start with a soft toss. Where did you grow up?

Caroline Kruez: I grew up in Portland, OR

R: Any siblings?

CK: I have a brother who is 4 years older than I am

R: You played D1 soccer in college and got a tryout with the Portland Thorns. When did your love for soccer begin?

CK: I started soccer when I was around 5 years old (if you can even call it soccer at that age). I remember being at soccer ‘practice’ and all my teammates just wanted to make daisy chains and all I wanted to do was play with the ball. I loved playing soccer at recess with all the boys as well.

R: A little birdie (perhaps a Cardinal?) told us your team at Portland’s Lincoln High school won back to back state titles. Tell us a little about that experience.

CK: I was super lucky with my high school soccer experience. I got to play with an awesome group of my club soccer teammates who were all very talented and most went on to play D1 collegiate soccer as well. We all had created a bond since we were 10 years old and we had great team chemistry on the field. I think it was because of this that we went on to win back to back state titles.

R: Did you ever receive a red card during your playing days? If so, what was it for?

CK: Funny story – I actually did in college! I had never previously received a yellow or red card and was overall a pretty tame player. During my first season at Saint Mary’s College we were in Denver for the weekend playing University of Denver and I was new to playing defense. My team was on defense and a forward on the other team took a shot at goal. The ball was about to go in the net so I reflexively reached out and blocked the ball with my hand because I couldn’t get to it any other way! It was a total accidental move but I got red carded for it. I got kicked out of the game, out of the stadium and suspended from the next game we had in Colorado. On the plus side, the other team missed the penalty kick so I guess I kind of saved a goal?

R: Best memory from college soccer?

CK: Scoring a goal my junior year. I only got to play defense in college so scoring a goal was definitely a highlight.

R: Let’s switch gears a little… After finishing out your undergrad degree you decided to go to PT school. When did you know Physical Therapy was the career you wanted to pursue?

CK: I had a couple of PT’s in high school that I really admired and so it was always something in the back of my mind that I thought would be a great career to pursue. Towards the end of my college career I continued to have great experiences with physical therapists (I had a few injuries of my own), spent more time observing in different clinics and realized it was something I was passionate about.

R: What did you think of Flagstaff?

CK: I absolutely loved Flagstaff. In a lot of ways it is really similar to Bend. I really enjoyed the sense of community and the fact that it is close to so many amazing national parks.

R: Favorite sport other than soccer?

CK: kickball, or spike ball.

R: Country that you’d like to visit?

CK: New Zealand.

R: What’s your favorite food to eat?

CK: Pad Thai or raspberries.

R: If you could switch lives with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

CK: A National Geographic wildlife photographer. I love animals and am so intrigued by the incredible places they go and the wildlife they get to observe.