Getting Back to Work After an On-the-Job Injury

work injury program

Returning to work after an on-the-job injury can be a daunting task. In addition to navigating the insurance claims process, injured workers want to find the best care possible so that they can return to work quickly and safely. 

That’s why choosing the right treatment provider is critical. Rebound Physical Therapy is the only therapy provider in Central Oregon with a comprehensive Work Injury Program, giving patients their best opportunity to successfully return to their job of injury. 

Treatment for occupational injuries can often be completed at any of Rebound’s 10 convenient clinic locations throughout Central Oregon. However, injured patients with physically demanding jobs that require tasks such as standing for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects, twisting and squatting will then transition to the Work Conditioning Program.  

Based out of its Bend North and Redmond Athletic Club (RAC) locations, patients in Rebound’s work conditioning programs often undergo two- to four-hour sessions that not only include physical therapy but exercise circuits simulating the tasks they do at work. Teaching and practicing the correct biomechanical movements required of each specific job is needed to ensure a safe return to work. 

The Bend clinic boasts over 3,000 square-feet of unfinished space filled with shelves, lumber, tires and tools designed to mimic specific job tasks. The RAC clinic utilizes the entire gym space, including large workout rooms, to create similar exercise circuits. 

Rebound staff works directly with employers, physicians and insurance case managers from the beginning of care to case closure to streamline the process and reduce costs for all parties involved. Rebound also has several therapists authorized to administer tests such as Physical Capacity Evaluations (PCEs) and Work Capacity Evaluations (WCEs) to determine a patient’s physical readiness to resume working. 

In order for patients to return to work safely, they must also have the necessary mobility, strength, endurance to perform the tasks of their job, explained Seth Ramsey, Rebound co-owner and Work Injury Program Director. “If a worker is out of shape and moves poorly, it increases their probability of injury AND re-injury,” said Ramsey. “It’s important for patients to build up their physical stamina and learn to move correctly to be able to tolerate a full workday.”

He stressed the importance of addressing workplace injuries in a timely manner. While there’s a tendency for employees to keep working after an injury, postponing treatment can be problematic, said Ramsey: “In general, the longer an injury goes untreated, the longer it takes to recover from it.”

To learn more about Rebound’s Work Injury Program, visit or email Andy Herriott