Restoring Balance, Finding Health

I’m a patient of Kimberlee, who has been treating me for BPV, and I’ve been VERY pleased with her PT and encouragement.  I also saw Stuart one time when Kimberlee was out of town, and he too provided excellent support and help!

I just want you to know what an AMAZING job both of them are doing.  I have mainly seen Kimberlee, and her expertise and encouragement have meant so much to me.  She’s given me some excellent resources to read both online and handouts.

And Stuart wrote out some things for me to practice on in situations that were causing me much anxiety (the shower!), etc.  The resources from both of them totally helped, and continue to help me.

It’s taken awhile to get over this (it started with an inner ear infection months ago), but I am finally beginning to feel ‘normal’ again.  I continue to do the exercises they gave me, as needed.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent PT’s, your warm and welcoming receptionists, and the overall feel of Rebound on the east side.  It is actually a pleasure to walk in there.

Thank you again for ALL you are doing to help make such an anxiety-producing condition turn into something so positive and life changing.  Kudos to Kimberlee!  And Stuart too!