Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy offers an alternative environment for therapeutic exercise. If you have tried traditional physical therapy, or have restrictions on your physical therapy program, aquatic therapy may be the perfect solution for your physical therapy needs.

Why Aquatic Therapy is Beneficial

Less pressure: The buoyancy of the water decreases the amount of pressure, or compressive forces, on your joints and spine. When you’re immersed in water up to your neck, the weight pressing down on your body is reduced by 90%. When the water is up to your waist, the pressure is reduced by 50%.

Reduced swelling: The pressure of the water helps to move fluid from the injured area back into the body. Decreased swelling is essential for regaining the strength and motion needed for recovery.

Ease of movement: 
Water is an element that supports and assists movement. It offers a safe setting for regaining strength and joint range of motion.

Faster progress: Aerobic conditioning can often be performed in the water, even when it may be too soon or too difficult to do in the clinic. Staying stable in the water, challenges your core and balance. Plus, sports specific activity can begin earlier than on land.

Who Can Benefit From Aquatic Therapy

  • Chronic pain patients requiring a more gentle form of therapy
    • Patients at risk of falls due to balance and gait disorders
    • Patients with severe arthritis or other weight-bearing restrictions
    Prenatal and postnatal patients
    • Patients with general deconditioning
    Sports medicine and orthopedic patients requiring an accelerated component to their rehab protocol

At Rebound we have several locations with access to aquatic therapy as well as Watsu treatment. If this is a treatment you feel may benefit you, please call us today and we can discuss best options!