Welcome Evan Ameluxen-Coleman, PT, DPT

Prineville PT

Physical therapist Evan Ameluxen-Coleman is joining the staff here at Rebound Physical Therapy and we could not be more excited to have him! Evan brings enthusiasm to our Prineville clinic and is a fantastic addition to that already wonderful crew! Evan let us in on some of his all time favorites, from school subjects to motivational quotes, find out what makes this collegiate athlete turned physical therapist a class act!

1. Favorite subject in high school?

My favorite class in high school was definitely science. I was fortunate enough to have some really fun teachers who found cool ways to teach us with pig cadavers and other gross things like that. I don’t know how much I really grasped what they were trying to teach me until later, but I definitely appreciate it looking back.

2. Favorite pet growing up?

At one point I had a few small lizards. This was also the time I was obsessed with dinosaurs so I think I made a connection there. Unfortunately they also had a tragic end just like the dinosaurs…

3. One state you would love to explore?

I would love to explore Colorado. It seems to be the destination spot but doing some of the skiing and biking there would be incredible.

4. Celebrity you would enjoy as a coworker?

I think it would be cool to work with Mark Wahlberg. He has his own entourage and it’s pretty obvious he can get things done and is a mover.

5. If you had season tickets to any sports team what would it be?

This may ruffle some feathers with local Timbers fans but I’m a big Seattle Sounders fan. The atmosphere is incredible and so is the game play.

6. Inspiring movie?

It’s not a movie but I really enjoyed the Planet Earth series. After watching an episode of Planet Earth I always feel like I have to go outside and explore.

7. Favorite quote?

“They don’t think it be like it is, but it do” – Oscar Gamble

8. What super power would you conjure if you could?

I think I’d keep it simple and just be able to breath underwater. There’s a lot of cool stuff that I would be awesome to explore. I think I’d also have to get rid of my slightly irrational fear of sharks though.