Can I buy speed? Just ask Jay Dicharry at the REP Lab…

Rebound Physical Therapy Bend REP lab


Adam Craig at Rebound

Cyclists want two very simple things. They want to be comfortable on a bike, and they want to be fast. And anytime we “want” something, we must ask the question: how hard must I work to achieve it? Or, in this golden age of cycling, a lot of cyclists ask a different question: can I buy more speed?

As a physical therapist at Rebound’s REP lab, I can tell you that cycling takes its toll on the body. You do a fairly limited range of motion over and over and over again for thousands of miles a year. If you are lined up properly on the bike, and you follow a smart training program, you’ll maximize efficiency and prevent injury. When things are “off”, you can wind up with imbalances that manifest themselves as inefficiencies and injury. Proper knowledge and equipment go a long way towards accomplishing a goal of optimal fit.

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Jay Dicharry PT is Director of the REP Biomechanics Lab at Rebound Physical Therapy. He’s also a researcher, teacher, blogger and author who blurs the lines between clinical care and sports biomechanics. Jay lives to play on knobbies, skis, boards, as well as soles, and really loves chocolate chip cookies.

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