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Footstrike 101: How Should Your Foot Hit The Ground?

Various studies support the pros and cons of each style – so which is correct? Most of the tenets of good running form are universally agreed upon by coaches, athletes, physiologists, form gurus and shoe designers: an upright postural alignment with a slight forward tilt, a compact arm swing and short strides that result in […]

R.E.P. Free Lecture Series begins on Tuesday, May 21st

Free Lecture Series Begins May 21st We’re looking forward to kicking off our R.E.P. Free Lecture Series with Jay Dicharry on Tuesday, May 21st in Bend, Oregon. Jay will be discussing why women are at greater risk for certain injuries and provide tips on prevention through specific training exercises. Timed in advance of the Happy Girls […]

Pace maker

Americans are increasingly on the run, with Running USA’s 2012 State of the Sport report counting nearly 39 million runners. Runners spend nearly $2.5 billion annually on footwear, according to the report. But, unfortunately, new shoes don’t come with accurate information and proper training to safely and successfully pursue the activity. For that, Today in […]

Jay Dichary Makes Video of Essential Skills For Ultrarunning And Trail Running

In this video, ultrarunning and trail running stud Max King, along with physical therapist and biomechanist Jay Dicharry (REP lab Bend), discuss the specific skills for necessary for success in off-road ultrarunning. King, who won both the U.S. 50K championship and the XTERRA Trail Running Championship last weekend, will compete in the 2012 Ultrarunning Race […]