Sports Medicine

Rebound Physical Therapy is proud to be involved with sports rehab ranging from community recreational athletes to Olympians and elite runners, cyclists and triathletes. Our highly trained staff are the trusted experts in sports injury prevention, sports injury management and sports injury rehab. We treat athletes of all ages and abilities with a goal of decreasing re-injury, correcting biomechanical deficiecies and returning you to your sport stronger, faster and smarter.

We also proudly support our local middle school and high school athletes, coaches and sports programs with evidence-based training information, free injury assessment clinics and high quality, return to sport focus physical therapy services.

No other physical therapy provider in central Oregon covers as many specialty areas in Sports Medicine as Rebound. Each of our specialists has earned the highest level training and certification in their respective areas.

Sports Medicine Programs Include:

Running Injury Program

Injured Cyclist Program