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Rebound Physical Therapy has been at the forefront of orthopedic physical therapy, spine care, hand therapy and sports medicine in Bend & Central Oregon since 1995. Rebound is dedicated to providing our patients with convenient, high-quality care, and providing them with the information they need to become their own advocates.

At Rebound Physical Therapy, we treat problems, not just symptoms. Our trained, certified specialists are there when you need them, eager to help you with the source of your problem and teach you about what you can do about it. We understand that your pain is getting in the way of a busy life, and we will do everything we can to help you take control of your treatment on your time.

Rebound covers more specialty areas than any other physical therapy provider in Bend and Central Oregon. Each physical therapy clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, including aquatic therapy in Bend, Redmond and Sunriver. We’ll work closely with you and your physician to design a treatment program that fits your lifestyle.

Our therapists are orthopedic experts, with extensive experience, diverse backgrounds and advanced training.

No other physical therapy provider in Bend and Central Oregon covers as many specialty areas as Rebound.

Why Rebound?

  • All of our physical therapists are orthopedic specialists, with extensive experience and advanced training.
  • Our specialty areas include: chronic pain, sports medicine, pregnancy-related pain, hand therapy, and vestibular rehab for dizziness and balance problems.
  • Our specialists provide each patient with individualized attention, spending as much time as needed to ensure that patients leave treatment with less pain, greater mobility and information that will help them stay healthy.
  • Rebound Physical Therapy has eight physical therapy clinics – three in Bend, two in Redmond, one in Prineville, one in La Pine, and one is Sunriver.
  • Orthopedic acupuncturists are available at all of our locations.
  • Certified hand therapists are available in Bend and Redmond locations.
  • At Rebound, we will help you get through the pain and on with life.

Patient Testimonials

I’ve had chronic back problems for years. Yoga has helped alleviate the pain. But in recent months, SI joint, sciatica and lower back pain became overwhelming. When my doctor recommended physical therapy I was skeptical – having had mixed results in the past. But I had to do something. In perusing internet reviews, Grant Carson’s name came up frequently. At my first appointment, Grant diagnosed the root cause of my numerous symptoms to be a “sprung chassis” as he put it. My torso was twisted to 1 side throwing my torso and movements out of balance. He devised a series of stretching and strength exercises decided to correct the mis-alignment and strengthen the core. The unique thing about his technique was incorporating forceful breathing into the movements and stretches. As someone who’s done yoga for years, this made so much sense! After a month of twice a week visits and daily adherence to the exercise regimen, I am a new man. I never would have believed what a difference it could make. I highly recommend Grant Carson at Rebound – South Bend.
— R.S.

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