Welcome Kailey Hanks, PT

PT Redmond Oregon

Please share in a warm welcome to Kailey Hanks, PT! Kailey will be joining our Redmond 4th street crew and is very much looking forward to being part of the Redmond community and getting to know the patients that walk (or hop on crutches) through our clinic doors!

We had a moment to get the inside scoop on Kailey and what makes her an ideal fit for the Rebound family!

Rebound Physical Therapy: Had you experienced PT prior to heading into PT school?

Kailey Hanks: My mom is an occupational therapist and I grew up rolling around on the physio-balls in the gym and got to interact with PT’s. I had several injuries in high school and her co-workers provided some PT for me. During college, I volunteered in Mexicali Mexico with an organization that provided physical therapy to children with special needs and that is when I knew that I wanted to become a PT.

RPT: What surprised you most about the role of a PT?

KH: As a PT, you get to spend a lot of time with your patients and get to build a strong rapport – I was surprised by how much of an impact you can make by being a good listener and advocating for your patient’s needs.

RPT: If you had a plan B career choice, what would you choose?

KH: I would be a dolphin trainer – as a kid, that’s what I told people I wanted to be, and I still think it would be pretty cool to get to hang out with dolphins all day.

RPT: If you could go on a rollercoaster with a celebrity who would you pick?

KH: Jim Halpert aka John Krasinski- Because he makes the best facial expressions, I think he would have a good roller coaster face.

RPT: Any motivational quotes you have found from a book, song, and/or friend?

KH: A good friend once said, “If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking up too much room.”

RPT: If not Bend, OR then where would you want to call home?

KH: San Diego, CA- lots of tacos and surfs up!

RPT: Season ticket to any sporting event: which (team) would it be?

KH: Seahawks, DUH!

RPT: Most inspiring person throughout your life (one you know or would like to)?

KH: My 83-year-old grandma is one of a kind. She is full of life and energy and spreads love and positivite energy wherever she goes. She works at Costco giving out samples because she enjoys talking with people and donates the money to those in need. She never lets her age define her abilities.

RPT: Dog or cat?

KH: Dog absolutely

RPT: Favorite vacation spot?

KH: Kauai or the annual family reunion at the Oregon coast in Neskowin and Pacific City.

RPT: Actress you would want to play ‘you’ in the story of your life?

KH: Reese Witherspoon