Teryn Kaldheim, PT, DPT Joins Rebound Physical Therapy


Teryn Kaldheim has joined our crew! Who is Teryn you may ask, Teryn Kaldheim, PT, DPT is a one heck of a physical therapist with an impressive background in workman’s comp and general outpatient orthopedic treatment, just to name a few, and, yes, there is more, she will be working full time at our Prineville clinic!

Recently married to a local Central Oregon fella, she took the time in between pre-starting-a-new-job trips (Hawaii and Africa) to give us a little insight on what makes her the remarkable human she is!

Rebound Physical Therapy: What is your Spirit Animal?
Teryn Kaldheim: Giraffe
RPT: Secret ambition, now or if you had to confess to one for the high school yearbook?
TK: To go to every continent
RPT: You get to pick a celebrity to join you for thanksgiving this year, who gets the invite?
TK: Ellen
RPT: If you cold be a professional athlete which sport would you choose?
TK: Soccer
RPT: Do you believe in ghosts?
TK: No
RPT: Favorite line from a movie?
TK: “Houston, we have a problem.”
RPT: Favorite thing to order at restaurants?
TK: Fancy Brussel Sprouts
RPT: Have you attached yourself to any of the central Oregon beers yet, if so which is your fave?
TK: A good IPA or a Belgian Strong Ale
RPT: Favorite thing to do on a trail, ie: bike, run, dance?
TK: Run
RPT: Anything else?
TK: (We) Built a barn for our wedding at our home 🙂 (see pic) – Enjoying exploring my new home and life in Central Oregon.