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Joel Amezcua

Bend West, South and Lapine Clinics

Joel Amezcua LAc
Bend West, South and La Pine Clinics

With a degree in Biology and a background in teaching science for a number of years, Joel has a great understanding and passion for providing a truly integrative approach to healing. After suffering the effects of stress on his own body while teaching, he discovered a wealth of knowledge and possibilities with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through this experience and his desire to assist people, Joel embarked on a new career path, which led him to earn a four-year post-graduate degree in TCM with an emphasis in sports injury acupuncture.

He is licensed by the Oregon board of medical examiners and is a nationally certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine. Joel has been in private practice since 2006 and has learned a number of different acupuncture styles to induce the healing process and reduce pain. He has a passion for deciphering what will and won’t work for his patients to achieve their goals. A firm believer in the role stress, emotions and nutrition play in the recovery process, he is keen to identify and help the patient understand and deal with that aspect of the healing process.

He decided to practice here in Central Oregon because of the lifestyle and unbelievable scenery it has to offer. He has always thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors and does so by going mountain biking, backpacking, boating, scuba diving, surfing and snowboarding. Having a young family of his own, Joel loves how Central Oregon is so supportive of that by providing a safe, activity-filled environment for kids to enjoy.