Redmond Physical Therapy Clinic

redmond physical therapy on 4th street

1315 NW 4th St # B, Redmond, OR 97756

Phone:(541) 504-2350
Open 7am-7pm Monday – Friday.

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Conveniently Near St. Charles Redmond

Rebound’s Redmond Physical Therapy clinic is conveniently located at 1315 NE 4th Street near St Charles Redmond Hospital and in the heart of Redmond’s Health Care Community. Our 4th street clinic provides services that are diverse with extensive rehabilitative programs.

Our specialized programs include:

Aquatic Therapy
Rebound’s Redmond physical therapy offers individualized aquatic therapy sessions held weekly at Cascade Swim Center. Movement and Exercise are often tolerated more comfortably and less stressful to our injuries while in the water. A Rebound Physical Therapist works one-on-one with you at the swim center to establish movements and exercises that are right for you. Call our 4th Street Rebound for an appointment.