Prineville Physical Therapy Clinic

prinville physical therapy

1590 NE Third Street
Combs Flat Shopping Center – Suite B
Prineville, OR 97754

Phone: (541) 416-7476
Open 7am-7pm Monday – Friday.


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Physical Therapy, Spine Care, Sports Medicine


Rebound’s Prineville Physical Therapy has been the leading provider of physical therapy, spine care and sports medicine since 2004.

Our Prineville physical therapy clinic is staffed by orthopedic experts and an orthopedic acupuncturist. Our staff is trained to address all of your physical therapy needs, from back pain to sports injuries. We work closely with your physician to ensure that you have the best possible outcome.

At Rebound Physical Therapy in Prineville, we provide convenient care designed to discover the complex causes of your pain and help you take control of your own recovery. We address and treat problems, not just symptoms. We want to teach you why you have pain and what you can do about it. Our Prineville therapy center features state-of-the-art physical therapy techniques and technology, including acupuncture treatment.

There are many reasons to visit Rebound Physical Therapy in Prineville including:


  • All of our physical therapists are orthopedic specialists, with extensive experience, diverse backgrounds and advanced training.
  • Rebound’s Prineville physical therapy program includes sports medicine for local athletes, work injury rehabilitation, and care for neck and back pain
  • Our Prineville physical therapy clinic features an orthopedic acupuncturist
    Rebound physical therapy and acupuncture in Prineville are available at times that work for you


We are proud to be part of the Prineville community, and we are committed to helping you, our friends and neighbors, get through your pain and on with life. We understand that quick, efficient, compassionate care is a priority for you, and we promise that we will provide it for you every day.