Aquatic Therapy

Rebound Physical Therapy offers a wider range of aquatic therapy services at the more locations than any other Physical Therapy provider in central Oregon.

Rebound offers aquatic therapy at these locations:

Aquatic therapy is often a critical rehab component used during a patient’s recovery from injury. Aquatic therapy utilizes the buoyancy of water to unload injured or painful joints to allow improved mobility, decrease pain and facilitate healing. Warm pool temperatures provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment, especially for those with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia and other painful conditions.


Rebound offers two types of Aquatic Therapy. They include Aquatic Exercise and Watsu.

Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic Exercise at Rebound Physical TherapyAquatic Exercise provides multiple benefits for many orthopedic conditions, including acute or chronic back pain, knee and hip arthritis, shoulder injuries, and athletic injuries. During Aquatic Exercise, the water’s resistance helps patients improve strength, conditioning, and mobility. Aquatic Exercise also helps improve circulation and can promote the healing process of your injury. Most patients experience decreased pain and improved function following their sessions. Many of our patients find that long-term participation in an aquatic therapy program is beneficial, and we make it our goal to help you transition to an independent program at a pool convenient for you.


Watsu Aquatic Therapy at ReboundWe also offer a very specialized form of Aquatic Therapy called Watsu. This form of Aquatic Therapy is particularly effective for patients with painful conditions who have had limited success with other forms of therapy. Watsu is primarily a passive form of aquatic therapy that uses the principles of stretching, joint mobilization and massage while using the natural buoyancy and resistance of warm water. During Watsu, the patient is held and supported while being gently stretched, massaged and moved through a warm water environment. The hydrostatic pressure of water also helps to increase circulation as the body is continually moved. Watsu provides an ideal method to help the body reduce muscle stiffness, tension, guarding, spasm, and pain, which helps allow your recovery process to finally proceed. Watsu may only be offered by certified Watsu provider. We offer Watsu at our Bend East Clinic.

Meet our Certified Watsu therapist: Juli Centola

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