Rebound Acupuncture

Acupuncture Patient Testimonials

I have had neck and shoulder pain for many years. Since I started going for acupuncture my pain has greatly improved. I have much better range of motion in my neck, and muscle spasms rarely occur. I would highly recommend acupuncture. It has decreased my pain and the treatments are very relaxing. It definitely has a healing effect. – Linda

Once a skeptic, I am now a firm believer in acupuncture. I suffered for years with knees so painful that walking and standing for any length of time was impossible for me. Thanks to my treatments I go for walks, wake up pain free, and I can easily go up and down stairs. – Jennifer

As a professional dancer…my body’s strength and overall health is paramount for a successful career. I was amazed at how quickly my body responded to the treatments. It was not simply pain management but true healing and allowed me to perform without the nagging fear of further injury. – Angela G.

I first came with neuropathy in my feet which caused problems with balance, walking and sleeping. I noticed an improvement with the first acupuncture treatment. After my second treatment the pain was significantly reduced. I am now able to do all my normal activities including hiking, family outings, gardening and keeping up with my home. This has been an amazing experience.
– Ruth D.

I was diagnosed with MS 17 years ago and have been in chronic pain for most of that time and have used a cane for 5 years. I have gotten regular acupuncture treatments for a while now and with the treatments I have been able to get off all my pain medication. I now walk without a cane! My MS doctor said that of the whole time he’s worked with me (all 17 years) he has never seen me look better.
– Vicki S.

I am now an acupuncture enthusiast! I had three treatments for my chronic low back pain before I left on my RV trip. I was feeling pretty good but figured that all that driving, etc. would be the test. Well, the fact is that I had no pain on my trip! My back actually feels better than it has for many years.
– L.C.

I needed two total knee replacements. I was saving up money for the surgeries but needed pain relief in the meantime. Acupuncture allowed me to stay off of pain medication prior to my operation and kept me walking and working the whole time. After the surgery, acupuncture again provided me with support for pain relief and seemed to speed up the healing process. I am very thankful that I was encouraged by a friend to try this therapy.
– Rose C.