Welcome, Martha Barker, PT, DPT!

We are thrilled to welcome Martha to team Rebound! This is one amazing physical therapist and all around human! We got to know her a bit more with this off grid interview, highlighting the important things like hidden talents and favorite pet. Join us in a warm welcome to Martha and her dog (AKA favorite pet, Baker) as they begin to call Central Oregon home! Oh, and of course, read on for a more in depth look at our newest crew member!

Rebound Physical Therapy: What is was your favorite subject in high school?
Martha Barker: Surprisingly, I loved chemistry! I just loved participating in (active) experiments.

RPT: Any hidden talents?
MB: Being able to fall asleep on a plane before it takes off.

RPT: What was your favorite pet growing up?
MB: My mom is a neat freak, so my first actual (non goldfish) pet, is my current dog, Baker!

RPT: What is one state you would love to have time to explore?
MB: Alaska, but I would not turn down time in Utah, California or Hawaii!

RPT: One celebrity you would enjoy having as a coworker?
MB: Betty White!

RPT: If you could have season tickets to any sports team which team would it be?
MB: Chicago bears, I have been a die hard fan my whole life!

RPT: Movie that inspires you?
MB: The Pursuit of Happiness

RPT: Okay, how about a favorite quote?
MB: Attitude is the different between an ordeal and an adventure, Bob Bitchin

RPT: What super power would you conjure up if possible?
MB: Teleportation. It sure would cut down on travel time for all my adventures!

RPT: One thing you have learned as physical therapist that has surprised you.
MB: How resilient people are.