Kaity Post Joins Our Redmond Crew!

Our Redmond clinic has an enthusiastic new addition! Kaity Post joins our crew after working most recently with a group up in Portland. Join us in a warm welcome and getting to know our newest team member with this insightful interview, asking all the important questions!

Rebound Physical Therapy: Mountains or beach?
Kaity Post: Mountains

RPT: Favorite book?
KP: The Art of Racing in the Rain

RPT: Celebrity you think it would be fun to have as a coworker?
KP: Anna Kendrick

RPT: Favorite chain restaurant?
KP: Oregano’s

RPT: Most motivating song?
KP: Shake it Out – Florence and the Machine

RPT: Favorite sports hero?
KP: My 4 year old

RPT: If you were not a PT what would your second choice career be?
KP: Food Critic

RPT: Most surprising thing you have learned as a PT?
KP: It never gets boring

RPT: Favorite month of the year, why?
KP: October – Fall and Halloween season!

RPT: If you made the cover of a national magazine which would it be and why?
KP: Food and Wine Magazine – “This Girl Can Eat a Lot of Ribs”