Rebound at Boss Sports Performance


Physical Therapy + Athletic Performance

Our Boss Sports Performance center is where rehabilitation meets athletic performance. Physical therapy will focuses on a comprehensive approach to injuries and injury prevention. Treatment encompasses evaluation of the injury and all contributing factors addressing deficiencies and weakness factoring into your injury. Unlike any other facility in central Oregon, our Boss Sports Performance center allows one to pursue improved fitness, athletic performance, and continue to progress once pain is gone. It is a state of the art facility based on an integrated model of wellness, athlete biomechanics lab, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation.

  • 40 yards of indoor turf
  • Olympic lifting racks
  • Suspension training center
  • Kieser Pulley System
  • Force plate biomechanical analysis
  • High Speed Video -Analysis
  • Athletic Performance Evaluations
  • Objective Criteria Based Return to Sport (sport readiness) Testing
  • Athlete Recovery Lounge