REP Biomechanics Lab at Rebound

REP Biomechanics Lab at Rebound in Bend, OR

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At the REP Lab, we believe that a focused training plan leads to faster times, improved recovery, and less injury. This approach requires you to target both your engine to produce more horsepower, and your chassis to ensure you are moving symmetrically, efficiently, and gracefully. Together Jay and Stephanie publish, teach, and compete nationally. They are proud to share their expertise at the REP Lab here in Bend, OR to take you to the next level.



Join Jay Dicharry, MPT and SCS, at the REP Lab in the High Cascades of beautiful Bend, Oregon and experience our objective, research driven analysis.  He uses cutting edge equipment, nationally acclaimed research, and first hand experience to identify key factors to improve your efficiency and keep you off the injured list. You’ll learn to integrate skills into your technique to eliminate problems at the source. We’ll engineer your training to achieve your personal best.


Stephanie Howe, MS, brings a unique knowledge of performance training and nutrition, as well as real world experience as an acclaimed ultra runner. This makes her as knowledgeable in the research lab as she is working one-on-one with you to achieve your performance and nutrition goals.  Stephanie works with you to train your engine and put better fuel in the tank.

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rep-lab-logoEmail Us, visit or call 541-419-8208